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Prototyping tools

All tools

Name Lowest price Platform Protype for
Antetype $189.99 Mac Any
Armature $24 Illustrator Any
AppCooker $29.99 Mac iOS
Atomic $15/month Web Any
Avocado Free Mac Mobile
Axure $29/month1 Mac, Windows Any
Balsamiq $89 Mac, Windows, Web Any
Boords Free2 Web Any
Briefs $9.99 Mac iOS
Cacoo Free3 Web Any
CanvasFlip Free4 Web Any
Concept.ly Free5 Web Any
Demonstrate Free iOS iPhone
Easee Free Web Web
Fast Mockup Free Windows Software
Figma Free6 Web, Mac, Windows Any
Flairbuilder $99 Mac, Windows Any
Flinto Lite $20/month Web Mobile
Flinto for Mac $99 Mac iOS
Floid Free Mac7 Any
Fluid UI Free8 Web Any
Form Free Mac iOS
ForeUI $150 Mac, Windows Any
Frame Box Free Web Web
Framer $129 Mac Any
Froont Free9 Web Web
Fuse Free Mac, Windows Mobile
Gliffy Free10 Web Any
Gravit ? ? ?
Gravit Designer ? ? ?
HotGloo €15/month Web Any
Indigo Studio $49511 Mac, Windows Any
InVision Free12 Web Any
Ionic Creator Free13 Mac, Windows Any
iPhone Mockup Free Web iPhone
iPlotz Free14 Mac, Windows Any
iRise $29/month Web, Mac, Windows Any
Kite Compositor $99/month Mac Any
Koncept $30/month Web Any
Justinmind $19/month Mac, Windows Any
Keynotopia $97 Keynote, PowerPoint Any
Kony Visualizer Free Mac, Windows Any
LayoutIt! Free Web Web
Lumzy Free Web Web
Marvel Free15 Web Any
Marvel Apps Free15 iOS, Android Mobile
Mockingbird $12/month Web Web
MockingBot Free16 Mac, Windows, Linux Mobile
MockFlow Free17 Web Web
Mockplus Free Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Any
Mockup.io Free Web Mobile
Mockups.me $99/year Mac, Windows Any
Mockup Builder $7.00/month Web Any
MockupScreens $99.95 Mac, Windows Desktop
Moqups Free18 Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Any
Neonto Studio Free19 Mac Mobile
NinjaMock Free20 Web Any
Noodle Free Mac, Windows IoT
Notable Prototypes N/A Web Any
Notism Free21 Web Any
OmniGraffle $99.99 Mac Any
Origami Free Mac Any
Pencil Free Mac, Windows, Linux Any
Pidoco $12/month Web Any
PowerMockup $ 59.99 PowerPoint Any
Precursor Free Web Any
Principle $129 Mac Any
Proto.io Free22 Web Mobile
ProtoPie Free Mac23 Mobile
ProtoShare $29/month Web Any
ProtoSketch $8.99 iPad Any
Prototyping on Paper Free24 Mac, Windows, Android Mobile
Prott Free25 Web, Mac, Windows Any
Prott App Free iOS Mobile
Quant-UX Free Web Any
RapidUI Free Web Web
Red Pen $20/month Web Any
Savah Free26 Web iPhone/iPad, Web
Silver Flows Free Sketch Mobile
snapp Free27 Web Mobile
SnapUp Beta Free Web Any
Symu.co Free28 Web Web
TapCase Free iOS iOS
UX App $5/month Web Any
UXPin $19/month Web Any
Vectr Free Mac, Windows, Web Any
Visio $299.99 Mac, Windows Any
Webflow Free29 Web Any
Webydo $90/month ] Web Web
Weld Free30 Web Web
Wireframe.cc Free31 Web Any
WireframeSketcher $99 Mac, Windows Any
wireMagic $19 Illustrator Any
Wires Free Web Web
Zeplin Free32 Web Mobile

Last updated: 2016-10-30



  1. Free for students 

  2. 1 project, 2 storyboards 

  3. 6 sheets 

  4. 1 prototype 

  5. 2 projects 

  6. Free through the end of 2016, always free for students. 

  7. Plan to launch on Windows very soon 

  8. 1 project, 10 pages, No uploads, Wireframe library 

  9. 1 project 

  10. 5 public diagram limit 

  11. Free Academic Licenses Available 

  12. 1 prototype 

  13. 1 prototype 

  14. 1 project, 5 wireframe pages 

  15. 2 free projects  2

  16. No export, 100 MB image storage 

  17. 1 Project in each App 

  18. 1 project (limited to 300 objects), 5MB of storage 

  19. Free for non-commercial use 

  20. Your projects will be public and have NinjaMock branding. 

  21. Limited to 1 project 

  22. 1 active project, 5 prototype screens, No additional reviewers, 10MB of storage 

  23. Windows version will be ready soon 

  24. 2 projects 

  25. 1 project 

  26. 1 project 

  27. Up to 3 free apps 

  28. 5 screens, 50MB storage 

  29. Unlimited hosted projects, 2 hosted projects 

  30. “Made in Weld” mark, Only .SE/NU domain, Connect own domain 

  31. Public wireframes, single-page wireframes 

  32. 1 project